About SOL

Our mission is to help companies and start-ups build digital products that stands out and shine, enabling them to grow in a world where technical supremacy is a key factor in the success of your business.

Our Story


Started from Turkey founded by tech savvy enthusiasts, providing quality software development and maintainance services to our clients network.


30 projects milestore

Expaning the team to manage increased demand after reaching 30+ completed projects milestone.


Growth during the pandamic

We managed to adapt with changing demand and requierments raised by the pandamic, we successfully completed several new edu-tech platforms and streaming services.


Expand to new markets

Gain access to global markets, our websites and products reached 10+ countries in 3 continents. We started developing our own digital products, build new international partnerships and expand in NGO and governmental sectors.


500k Daily Active Users

Collectivly our active websites and apps are serving half a million users daily, with all requiered performance, security and high statisfaction rates.


Tech stacks

We build robust software using best methodologies, technologies and Frameworks







Adobe XD

Java Script

Featured Products

highlights about our latest digital products

SAY Platform Image


Three mobile applications, linking the retail stores and customers, where the retailer displays his products, for the customer to browse according to the stores that are the cheapest in price and closest to his address to ensure speedy delivery through an application used by the delivery staff.

  • Multivendor grocery marketplace
  • Browse products close to you
  • Order by credit card or pay on delivery
  • Optimal delivery roughing and planing
  • Rating delivery service
  • Dashboard to manage Orders and Users
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It is a business management tool, with SolBooks, there is no need to understand accounting, it is enough to enter business information, and daily business (revenues - expenses - purchases - sales), the application will sort them into their business accounts, to display the results of business operations in simple, easy-to-understand reports

  • Easy to save and use modular screens
  • The ability to customize the application
  • Adding more than one currency with live update of its value
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SAY Platform Image