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Edyo is a SaaS based solution that enables and promotes end-to-end eLearning experience. It targets both Consumers and Organizations or Institutions to leverage the digital capabilities in order to promote eLearning.

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Solbooks is an accounting app packed with the latest features and great UI to enhance your experience.

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The best Arabic application to provide services in Turkey Jtak aims to deliver the largest possible service and does that by working with the best reliable distributors.

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Mishkat Books

Private library system with improved security and performance.

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Right Bite

A group of young gastronomes who enjoy a passion for making healthy tasty recipes.

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Magrabi Hospital

Magrabi Hospitals & Centers has been expanding to cover more of the Middle East & Africa, including More than 32 hospitals and centers in Five countries.

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4City, which is close in pronunciation to "فرصتي" (my opportunity) in Arabic, is a crowdfunding microfinance platform that is committed to creating opportunities and fostering prosperity in cities. Our mission is to bridge the gap in access to financial services, particularly for underserved populations, by leveraging the power of crowdfunding.

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Import/Exportation company

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Ibn Alnajjar Academy

Istamic Fiqh Alnajjar, with internal library, fatawa and learning management system.

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Thimaar is a Saudi platform for investing and financing purchases for small and micro enterprises, compatible with Islamic Sharia, licensed by the Central Bank.

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Syrians Around the World

Open micro-services and categorized ads mobile app, with social features like chat, community posts, comments, likes, Realtime notifications and much more.

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Educational App providing educational materials about YOS exam.

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eSelf Care

e.Self Care App allows you to measure your vital psychological indicators, with accurate assessments and referal services.

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Syrian non-profit organization working in emergency interventions, meeting their basic needs, and implementing highly competent community development programs.

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SAY Platform

Social impact Platform for youth with integrated training platform, registration is open and free.

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A leading think-tank, strategic planning, future foresight, and public policy analysis, to inspire and build the capacity of leaders and decision makers for safer and more prosperous societies.

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CV Gulf

CV design and writing services that provide Arabic language services for professionally designed and written CV by any user.

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Educational Platform for primary school students in remote areas, with super friendly design for children and quality content.

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Sham Humanitarian Foundation

NGO founded in October 2011 to fill gaps in the response to the humanitarian needs in Syria. AHF is specializes in delivering targeted aid to highly vulnerable populations in underserved areas of Syria, as well as implementing projects that target refugees in neighbouring countries.

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